A Cuddle Buddy Application

Gender:                Male

Age:                       22

Height:                 6’ 3”

Weight:                198 lbs

Hometown:       Edmonton, Canada

Accepted Pet Names: Buddy, Bro, Babe, Studmuffin, Your Highness

Cuddle Outfits: Old shirts, too big sweatshirts (you can borrow one of mine if you want), with sweatpants or running shorts or just undies. Will go shirtless if it gets too hot (very likely)

Rank the following:

Handholding (4)

Warmth (2)

Closeness (3)

Comfort (1)

Describe your cuddling: I’m an 11/10 AKA better than the best.

Cuddle positions: I’m a professional big spoon but I can do little spoon on occasion. I like your head on my chest or you lying partly on top of me. Sitting in between my legs so I can wrap my arms around you is also good. I like holding hands but depends on the position.


So I saw this blank “form” running amuck on twitter months and months  ago and so I “filled it out” for some laughs. And I thought it was cute and kinda clever so I shared it. This isn’t a super deep post but I thought it was fun and light-hearted, which is another side of me.

I’m kinda weird about physical contact, in that I like to be the one to initiate it but when other people touch me I can get kinda weird. Because usually they think it’s OK but it’s not. Like I have some pretty potent anxiety so unexpected things aren’t my ~forte~

But I’m a very tactile person with the people I care about a lot. I hug my friends and cuddle boys that I’m dating or hoping to date – and I’m damn good at it too.

Cuddle Pupper


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